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Ravhuset Hennebjerg

Gold of the sea - Unique jewelry

Unika smykker af vestkystens juveler

Unique jewelry of the west coast gold

I only produce unique jewelry - ie. one of each. Look in and visit me in the store. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while you watch.

I like to process your own amber / jet, and i like to turn your heirlooms into usable jewelery and in general we can discuss all possible designs for e.g. wedding rings.

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Designer, guldsmed & ravsliberen

Designer, jeweler and amber grinder

I am Bjarke, the designer, jeweler and amber grinder behind the handmade design and unique amber jewelery you will find here on the website, partly in my beautiful shop / workshop and house on Vesterkærvej 10.

The shop houses a mini Jet & Amber Museum - the first of its kind in the world. It allows you to study the Earth and its creation 13.6 billion years ago and its evolution to the present day. In addition, you can study many fossils, fossil materials and rocks. You can study amazing 20-40 million year old amber lumps with insects and other exciting things. You can also get a great story about the Jet and its dramatic creation for 65 million. since. A unique universe, illustrated with fantastic scenarios and stories.

Materialer fra lokalområdet

Materials from the local area

The black gold of the sea – the unknown gemstone

Most people know that amber can be found on the Danish coasts. On the other hand, few people know that Jet can be found on our beaches. And it amazes me every single day that this stone is so unknown when I introduce my customers not just to my handmade amber jewelery (which by the way is very often combined with the Jet).

The Danish amber – Baltic origin

The Danish amber is in fact of Baltic origin with an age of 20-40 million. year. Here stood huge "amber forests" with trees that produced huge amounts of resin. Perhaps as a relic from the time of the great dinosaurs, who managed to inflict great damage on the trees.

Besøg Ravhuset Hennebjerg

Visit the amber house hennebjerg

Does your eyes like to look at something beautiful, do you like to hear exciting stories, are you interested in natural history, are you into cosiness pure, coffee or wine and a great experience, well then it is obvious with a visit to Ravhuset Hennebjerg. Bjarke, who is the designer, jeweler, amber and jet grinder, will welcome you with open arms and enthusiasm. As you can see in the folder "local area", it is a wonderful area with lots of tings to discouver and great restaurants.

So during your holiday or weekend, it definitely pays to take a trip to Ravhuset Hennebjerg - and the surrounding area!

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The nearby area

The nearby area